26 February, 2009

It's Thursday and I'm Too Tired to Think of a Good Title.

The Oscars were fantastic!!! And so was the party. :)

As usual, I took lots of notes. But, as the subject of this blog warns you, I'm too tired! I'll just say that I got 19 categories correct--woo-hoo! And then I'll post a few pics:

No, nevermind. I somehow managed to save them in a different folder than I had intended, so who knows where they are? And I don't wanna upload them again!

Next time, I promise. :)

I had a voiceover audition for Target.com earlier this week, and have a film audition this Sunday--woo-hoo! Still working on getting to Baz Luhrmann...I have a couple very tine--very tiny--ways that may help. :) I'll keep you updated.

Lana Veenker, a Portland-based casting director (TWILIGHT, INTO THE WILD, CORALINE) posted this blog today:

Acting and Modeling Scams

Which led to THIS from the FTC.

It's always good to be wary. Though most of you probably already know this stuff, consider it a friendly reminder. :)

Okay...time to forage for dinner and get caught up on LOST--one of this season's best shows! (Aside from PUSHING DAISIES, which is now pushing up daisies because no one was watching it! Don't get me started on that.)

I miss you, Piemaker.

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