08 November, 2012

The Way Things Are

First, you *must* say that like the mice from the movie BABE. Had the darnedest time trying to find a clip, and could only manage this one; it's at the beginning, though, so that's something, at least:

The Way Things Are!

This blog is only about today. And you'll have to forgive my tenses. I go from past to present way too often, but I'm too tired to edit and proofread. Only have energy enough to add in this little warning and an apology: I'm sorry for my atrocious grammar and writing tonight.

Here's my day:

19 February, 2012

My Mister Man

The lights went out. Pitch black in a warehouse in Brooklyn. The silence was just as severe.

My heart was racing, which matched the sudden sounds of a man huffing, trying to catch his breath. It seemed an interminable moment...but then a light came on.

And there he was.

Thus began one of the most amazing nights of theatre I have ever experienced.

The New Blog!


Yep, I've switched over from WordPress to Blogger...I never liked WP, never got it to look the way I wanted, even after spending hundreds of hours on it. I've decided to give Blogger a chance. It still doesn't look the way I'd like, but at least I'm not hating it. ;)

It's a work-in-progress, much like my life, so it'll be changing quite a bit as I learn more about it.

I'm currently writing a blog on MISTERMAN and meeting my mister man, so stay tuned for that. (It's only a few months overdue. No biggie. :p  )