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Cannon Fodder is my blog about my calling and the twists and turns on the road to making it into a full-fledged, full-time, bill-paying career! Occasionally, I'll veer off-subject, but that's what you get when you read my stream-of-conscious thoughts. ;)
A bit about me:

I know you're dying to know my life story, so here's part of it : I grew up an Air Force Brat, living and travelling across the world. Though the scenery changed often, my dreams of being a singer and actor never did. You may have been lucky enough to catch me on my very first National Tour - - my family knew I was destined for stardom when I sang to strangers from my bathroom stall at every rest stop between California and Georgia. It was every bit as magical as you imagine. ;)

At the age of 12, I stepped out of the stall to become one of the first members of the Children's Opera Group in its fledgling seasons with the Orlando Opera Company. I feel so privileged to have also been in productions in England, Belgium, Germany, India, and several U.S. States. These days,  I work primarily in film, TV, web, and voiceovers with the help of my agents. Once I'm a Name, I'll conquer Broadway as well as the film world! Living a largely nomadic lifestyle throughout my career, I've enthusiastically met the (many, many) challenges of breaking into new markets and production communities wherever I go. Just consider me Bob Dylan's complete unknown rolling stone. (Unknown for now!)

 Other interests include afternoon naps, travel, dreaming, history, crazy socks, reading, sheepies, writing, swingin' on stars, time traveling, the rain, and collecting as much useless information as I can in order to win every game of trivia. You can catch me, on rare occasions, re-creating the magic of my first tour - - cities and dates to be announced!
I promise this will be on the cover of PEOPLE when I win my first Oscar.

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