04 January, 2013

My Heart Is Stone, and Still It Trembles.

Well, here it is. My long-awaited LES MIZ blog. In the words of Eponine, "Well, I told you I'd do it--told you I'd do it!"

Sooooo many thoughts, which is part of the reason I've taken so long to write this. That, and my folks were in town...and I got sick. I'm still recovering from my cold and am feeling unnervingly dizzy today, but it's a day off. Therefore, things need to get done. Important things like laundry, cooking, cleaning, groceries, taking care of Ella, writing blog posts, and posting holiday photos to Facebook. Dizziness Be Damned.

And now: Les Miserables. (I try to warn you of spoilers when I remember, but really...if you don't know the story by now, you deserve to not be warned. :p )

(Look for the links, in blue and green. There's quite a few--have fun with that. Ha!)

I had some trepidation about seeing this.

For years, this was THE musical for me. "Obsessed" doesn't even begin to cover it. Oh, I loved, listened, adored, watched other musicals...but LES MIZ was IT. And Eponine was my Dream Role. I read the book (the entire thing) twice in 7th grade, and again in 8th. I know adults who still haven't read it. The looks on my teachers' faces as I pulled that out during downtime was priceless--but they got used to it. I was an odd kid.