28 September, 2009

Once More Before I Leave...

So...in between packing and preparing, I've been watching Season II of True Blood. Damn, I'd love a role like the Queen!

I've been sitting here with this laptop for half an hour, and that's the first thing I've thought of to say. :) Brain = Mush.

My flight to Newark  leaves in 12 hours. And around 8.30 I take off for Mumbai. After that, I know very little! I don't know if I'll be able to get wifi for the first few days, but I'm going to find a way to let Andy know all is well--I'll have him update the Facebook fan page--so make sure you become a fan!

Exciting news these past couple of weeks! Well, exciting to me, anyway. ;) I finally got on IMDb!!!!!! Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?! (Well, I could've had the resume service, but I wanted to wait till I had an actual credit. I don't mind if you visit that page every single day...apparently that makes my "starmeter"  go up. This business can be a lot like high school in some ways. (Many ways.) Popularity still rules. I, however, will use that for good--unlike Megan Fox...but did I say that out loud?

I've sent in my info to a few New Mexico agents. I'm hoping to start getting into that market when I get back. (23 November, for those wanting to know! ;)   They've got at least 3 TV shows filming there, and several movies, as well.

Okay, I'm tired! And I'm much more interested in True Blood at the moment.

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for all your good wishes and thoughts...and faith. :) I love you all!

12 September, 2009

The highwayman came riding-- riding--riding-- the highwayman came riding up to the old inn door.

Apologies for not writing before now! I feel like I'm swirling constantly...but very slowly, like the lazy river or something!

It still hasn't hit...not really. Too much to do in my daily life, and getting ready to leave for India, to really stop and think about it.  I got the script this week--managed to put it in a binder and read the character descriptions and  first few pages, but nothing beyond that. This weekend, I'll be sitting down with my highlighter and a binder for a list of questions that will surely come to mind as I read through it!

I don't know how familiar you are with Bollywood or Punjabi films, but a lot of times the characters flip back and forth between Hindi (or Punjabi) and English, very fluidly. That's the way THE SIXTH RIVER  is written.  Mostly in Punjabi...Carrie  speaks in English, occasionally in Punjabi, and understands most of what is said around her. Christa, on the other hand, understands very little Punjabi and is trying to correct that! I'm having a helluva time trying to find a Punjabi phrasebook or something to help me. There's a few websites with basic, generic phrases...but I'm pretty sure Carrie doesn't ask where the toilet is. ;)  (Toilet kithay way?)

The filming will take place in and around  Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab. I fly in and out of Mumbai (Bombay), where we'll rehearse a few days before heading north, as well as settle on costumes, hair, make-up, etc. After we wrap, I'll have a few days to spend with Andy (who is meeting up with our friend Amit before joining me) and then I'll head back to Mumbai to (hopefully) get some dubbing in for the film.

Two places I definitely want to visit while up north are the Golden Temple in Amritsar and the Wagah border--between Pakistan and India. Every evening there's a big to-do for the changing of the guard ceremony, and I'd love to see it! Here's a little more info about both: Golden Temple & Wagah

I've got all my vaccinations and medications...haven't started packing yet, as I'm still wearing some of the things I'll be packing! I'm trying to keep myself stress-free so I don't break out too much, but I've got some prescriptions to help out with that, too. I'm taking no chances.

I leave on the 29th of September, and come back 23 November. I'm having a bon voyage/break a leg party down in the Springs on the 27th, for those who can make it!

Got some interesting news this week...the gal we're going to hire to temporarily replace me at work will actually be my permanent replacement.  It was quite a shock to hear that... I'm taking it as a blessing in disguise. The finance world is not where I need to be...it's not something I enjoy...and it sucks the creativity right out of me! Bob said he's burning the bridge for me, so I can start my new career. But I have a left-brain hubby--and he's already got another day job lined up for me when I get back. Potentially. It's the same thing, for less pay. Can't wait.

In the meantime!!! I'm still trying to line up gigs for when I get back. I've let my agent know that this is it...I've got to work, work, work. I think my days of working for free are over--they probably should have been a while ago, but what's a non-name to do?

Which reminds me, I've got to work on my audition for THE OPERATIVE, a UK spy film with Craig Fairbrass and Patricia Velasquez. The casting director is the same gal who does the Bond films--I'll be seen by a Bond Person!!! Crazy! (Hopefully my accent's up to snuff!)

Anyway...I've written nothing about THE HIGHWAYMAN, as as you can see by my title, that's what this blog is supposed to be about!

This past weekend was spent filming at the Colorado Governor's mansion.  You can find some production stills here, at The Highwayman website.

We had a blast--and once again, I got to work with the fabulous Lorraine Altamura, make-up artists/hair guru. She's wonderful--there's not much more I can say other than I wish she could follow me around everyday!  I've posted some other pics in a Facebook album...enjoy!

We're shooting for a release date of 2010.  Still working on getting this into IMDb--not an easy feat, apparently!

Right-i-o...I know this didn't give a whole lot of information, but I've really got to spend time with the script this weekend.

Thanks for reading! Cheers. :)