25 January, 2009

Friday's Auditions and Saturday's Filming

Friday was a great day for me--it started out with my very first Broadway audition. Who cares if I had to get up at 5.30 in the morning to get ready?! I expected there to be hundreds of girls there...this was for an immediate Ariel replacement in The Little Mermaid. To my surprise, there were only 50 or so. Odd.

I sang 16 bars from "Gee, I'm Glad I'm No One Else But Me" from Anne of Green Gables, complete with choreography. (So much easier than just standing in the middle of the room!) I wanted to sing that particular song because I knew they'd never heard it before. They get some of the same songs over and over again, I wanted to stand out a little bit. ;) We chatted a bit about my time as Cosette in Les Miz (in Heidelberg, Germany) and then they said, "Thank you so much--your performance was wonderful!" Which is just a polite way of saying, "You're not quite what we're looking for at this time." So I thanked them and went on my merry way--absolutely thrilled that I did well and was seen by a B'way casting director!

It may sound odd to be so pleased to not get a callback or anything, but this is a strange industry. This one audition could be the biggest I get all year...not to mention, they cast other things, as well. I may not be right for Ariel--I have a sneaky suspicion I'm just a tad on the short side!--but I could be just what they're looking for in another show. So it's good that I was seen, and that I did a great job. (By the way, this audition will not be the biggest I get all year!)

While I had been waiting for my audition, my agent called to tell me I had a film audition that afternoon. Yay! So I went to work for a little bit...got a few things done...met Matt Stone's (South Park) dad, finally, but didn't have a chance to chat with him. So Nadia, my supervisor, was given the task of giving him my business cards! LOL!

And then I headed off to my second audition. I was in heaven--two auditions in a day? This is what I want to do!

They checked me out and gave me the sides of a character they thought I'd be good at. It was an strange audition for me...I love cold readings and usually do a great job. But for some reason, I was so confused as to what the heck was going on with the scenes that I didn't do as great a job as I would have liked. They asked if I could come back next week in callbacks to read for a drug addict--I said, "Of course! I can do that!" And then they decided to give me the sides of yet another character, so I read for her. It was strongly hinted that I'd be back next week for callbacks, but you never know. :) However, I'd love to book this job! I don't know much about it--I think they're keeping it a little bit secret for right now. But what I saw, I really liked.

Sides, by the way, are bits of the script for auditions.  You sometimes get them a day or so before your audition, but not always. I had about 10 minutes with my first character's, and the second I didn't even have a chance to read through.

Which is fine...as I said, I love cold readings. I'm a sick puppy that way, I guess! Most people hate it...but I read well and you're given the tiniest bit of slack for not having studied it beforehand. It's fun. *shrugs* I dunno...I just like it. It's like when you had to read aloud in class. Though I hated it until I was about 11, I eventually came out of my shell and dominated the class in readings! (Insert maniacal laughter here) World domination!!!!!! Is...MINE! I will crush you one by one with the power of my cold readings! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Riiiiight...so that was Friday.

Saturday was spent filming a short with PiePie Productions...it's a cute little movie, I can't wait to see it. I was the bride, but the groom never showed up. (Why is it my husbands like to cancel at the last minute?! Aargh!) But that's okay...I suggested it could be a lesbian wedding, and we went with it. It was so much fun. I should have that in a few weeks, so I'll post that on my reels.

Anyway...I'd better get started with my Sunday. Much to do around the house, unfortunately. I'd rather be working 18-hour days on set, but it'll happen soon enough.

Gee, I'm Glad I'm No One Else But Me!

(That's supposed to be an audio file, but I'm still learning how to work this thing!)

24 January, 2009

Hallo, world!

This will be what I call my "professional blog." And by that, I only mean I'll be discussing all things related to my career, rather than the minutiae of daily life!

Please bear with me as I learn how to use WordPress!

Ready for my Oscar!