15 February, 2010

Short and Sweet--like me! (har, har)

Yikes! Haven't written in a bit, have I? Shame, shame, shame...

Well, let's hop right into it!

I've changed agents to Radical Artists. It was a tough decision. I love the folks at Eden Talent, but the very reason I chose them was the reason I also had to leave! I was with another big agency in town, as well as with Eden. The other agency told me I had to choose. At the time, I wasn't one of the other agency's favourites, so I wasn't going out on auditions a lot. Eden is smaller and more of a boutique agency, and I knew they believed in me. They're fantastic! I have no complaints! But sometimes you have to make a move for your career that isn't easy, but is necessary.

I've already been on more auditions with them than I did all of last year! I know I made the right decision for this stage in my career. :)

We're set to film our second webisode of i <3 luc;) this coming Sunday. I'm really looking forward to that! We have a new Ricky--so we'll consider our first ep as "practice" and put it up sometime later. WE've got a great cast, we're all helping the project, so it's not down to just one or two people's responsibility. A huge relief--I can't tell you how many projects ( film or otherwise) I've had to take over. Stressful.

I've accepted a role as an 8000-year-old Paladin in EYE OF NOOR. I can't say a whole lot about it at this point, as I've signed an NDA. But I'm practicing with swords and fighting--and hopefully I'll look great as I kick some vampire arse!

My Oscar party is on the 7th--very much looking forward to that! Although this year I have to come up with TEN dishes named for the Best Pic nominees. Ugh. Five was hard enough, sometimes. Well, at least there won't be a lack of food and drink. :)

I'm sure I have more to discuss...but I'm trying to keep to a schedule these days--and I'm WAY off today. (Not that this is unusual! But I have to at least pretend to try...)