19 September, 2010

I Have Confidence

What happened to me blogging once a week? Aaargh! And where is Dumbledore with my Time Turner? I could really use one right about now.

This is going to be a post of quotes and some pics and some updates, all rather haphazardly thrown together.

Let us begin!

First, here's a screenshot of a Punjabi Portal post in the "Celebrity Member Christa Cannon" forum from June:

03 September, 2010

Supa-Stah in Training!

Yikes! Over a month since my last update. Ugh. Well--here's what's been goin' down (it's a short one, I promise!):

Still working on my website. I'm doing it myself, so it's taking a very long time...trying to squeeze it in between 3 survival jobs, doing the MILE HIGH LACI website, and producing/acting/scheduling/pulling my hair out for MHL. ;) Hopefully just another couple of weeks, though. It's going to be very MOI! ;)