16 February, 2009

Onwards and Upwards!

First, I should start with SERPENT RISING.

I did not get the role, and that's okay. :) Really! Once Julian Lee (www.julianjunglee.com) was cast as the lead, I had a feeling my chances got even smaller. He's in his 50s, and though he doesn't look it, he still looks older than I do and no amount of acting would make people believe that I had a massive crush on him.

That may not be why I wasn't cast, it's just what I suspect. It's happened a few times before. (It's why I wasn't cast as Nelly in South Pacific, though I was clearly the only one who could play her!) Wow, that sounded conceited. I didn't mean it like that at all. It's harder to cast men most times, because there just aren't as many auditioning. So when they get a good one, they have to go with it! And that's what happened with South Pacific. *shrugs*

I know they (the people for SR) really liked me and want to work with me in the future, so maybe one of their next films, which have bigger budgets and will be filmed in Chicago and New Zealand. Um, yeah...sign me up for the NZ one!

Onwards and upwards!

I'm hoping to start filming the detective show within the next couple of months, but I have no clue what's going on with pre-production at this point.

There will be an audition for a film called JIMMY SAID pretty soon. I went to a workshop the writer gave Saturday on cold reads, and was able to see sides of some of his other scripts. It's hard to find a good writer, especially around here, but I loved his stuff! I'm especially interested in another one of his. It won't be cast for a while, they're still drumming up interest. I'm hoping I can at least be included in the table read.

Speaking of the cold read workshop--it went well! I'm a sick puppy, in that I actually love cold reads. But part of my resolution is to "hone my craft" more through the year, and this was a perfect way to continue doing that. I'm so glad I did--I met some new people, Paddy Sheridan (the screenwriter) among them. And I learned some things I wasn't aware of, which is why I went!

I'm a theatre kid first, film second. That doesn't mean I prefer theatre to film...I just mean that I was trained in theatre first. So I tend to be overdramatic in some things. I've toned it down a lot over the past couple of years...in fact, my theatre auditions aren't really dramatic enough anymore!

But it still comes out on occasion. Paddy first gave us Dr. Seuss books to read from...and since it's Dr. Seuss it was just second nature to be dramatic and add motions and actions and what-not. Paddy reminded me that film is "all here," framing his face with his hands.

Turns out, you're not really supposed to do the actions so much. Which was so hard for me, but I found keeping my free hand in my pocket worked well. And he told me that I was very talented and he could see why I'm getting roles.

So that's good! I'm excited for the JIMMY SAID  auditions. They should be announced sometime this week, and they'll begin filming in April. We'll see. I have no clue if there's even a part for me, but I plan on auditioning anyway.

Troy helped me *ahem took over* edit my slate and another (happier) monologue. It looks fantastic, and it makes me laugh! He hasn't emailed it to me, or I'd put it up everywhere. :)

The Oscars are next week--hope everyone's ready!


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