21 March, 2010

Who on Earth is Laci and Why Do You Keep Talking About Her?!

First thing's first: No callback. That's okay. "Move on dot org," as my mom would say. :) I also had to turn down an audition Friday, as it films during job training. Unfortunate, but the reason I have the job is to get to LA, not to be successful in small commercials in a small market. I will do as much as I can here, and make it work as much as I can--and I'm not poo-pooing anything in the Denver market, not at all. :) But...oh, you know what I mean!

On to Laci!!!

So if you've been keeping up with my blog, you know I've started a webseries loosely based on a modern Ricky and Lucy. We have a disclaimer from CBS and had originally planned to keep the same first names, but we decided it would be better to change them entirely.  It's called  i <3 lac;)   (I Heart Laci, in text-ese.)

Last week I attended the monthly CASA Mass Focus meeting, where I was able to fill people in a bit on what we've been doing...and for the first time after an industry meeting, people were waiting to talk to me. Normally, I'm always waiting in line to talk to other people...this is all very exciting for me! It's the little things, you know. :D

Anyway, after speaking to a few people, we now have a PR/Marketing guru, so I don't have to stress about that anymore! *whew* I had ideas to get us out there, and things we should do, but it's so much easier having someone who does this for a living...knows what will work and what won't. And one less thing for me to worry about. Now I can focus on other things!

We also have a script guru! We were writing them ourselves...maybe one of us would write a rough draft, and the rest would make suggestions. But we're all busy and trying to get even just the second script written was difficult. So Kevin was a gift from heaven! (Oh, that rhymed!)

Our first meeting with the both of them was today, and we've squared a few things away, worked more on our characters and what we're hoping for the series...Kevin's going to pitch 10 or so ideas for a couple of episodes, and we'll choose one (hopefully two) to film next Saturday.  And just keep on goin'!

There's also a lady on a local PBS program who would like to get us on...which would be fantastic! Hey! I'll be on PBS! That's *close* to BBC, right? ;)

So...things have been going slowly for a while. We've hit a couple bumps--had to re-cast our Ricky (now Richie)--schedules are tough--etc. But we are on a roll now!

We've generated so much interest so far, and we don't even have anything up yet! We've got high hopes for our little series. Originally, it was going to be for fun, and something to get us SAG eligible. But it's turned into something bigger than that and I can't wiat to see where this goes! I won't tell you what I'm hoping...once we get our website started, we'll keep everyone updated on what's going on. So you'll just have to stay tuned, I guess!

We're going to be scheduling a photo shoot soon, which I'm excited about. A proper photo shoot!!!! For something that I created! This was a little idea in my brain, and now I have a cast, and a crew...and not just any cast and crew, either. Everyone is so dedicated and helpful--the cast is all experienced and professional (you have no idea how much easier that makes everything!). The crew knows exactly where to go and what to do.

And something else awesome about our cast? Multi-ethnic. :) Very proud of that.

Now I need to think about a short little jingle to be the theme song. Anyone wanna write something for me to sing? ;)

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  1. Wrote a song about it, wanna he' it????

    Laci, Laci -
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