11 March, 2010


So my agent sent an email yesterday for an audition to be held Friday (tomorrow). Nothing wrong with that, except the callbacks will either be next Tuesday or Thursday. Tuesday? No problem.

Wednesday, I start training for my new job, and there is absolutely no way to take a day off during that month of training. So, I sighed and decided I couldn't do the audition.

I talked with Andy about it--it would be a VERY good gig to get. Commercials, radio, print, web, VO and it could be for the entire year.

I'm a responsible person, which is both good and bad. When I moved to SoCal the first time, I only had two gigs. I couldn't audition because I was afraid of taking the time off of work. But that's kind of silly. Yes, this job pays the bills and I still need to be responsible and loyal. BUT...if an opportunity comes up, I can't keep closing the door on it.

(That responsibility, by the way, translates very well in my acting career. I am ALWAYS early for auditions and on set. In India, I was ready for my scenes and on set an hour before anyone else. If a break is 15 minutes, I'm back in 10. Call time's 5 AM? I'll see you at 4.45. There are plenty of people who don't do this--and it's a huge waste of time and money waiting for everyone to get ready. This is your job--you can't stroll in 20 minutes late and expect the producer to be happy about that! Time is money! Time is money!!!!!!)

So, I'm going to that audition tomorrow. And I'm hoping the callbacks are Tuesday. If they're Thursday, I'll try and make it as early as I can. If I get the gig, I quit the survival job. (After jumping around and screaming for a few hours.)

I couldn't let this one pass. My agent called me this morning about it...the casting director had called her and asked specifically if I was going to be there. No, that doesn't necessarily mean my chances are better--but it means I can't say no! It's a great thing to have the CD ask about me. I can't tell you how wonderful that makes me feel!

I'm so excited! This would be a perfect gig for me...I hope they just fall in love with me! I need to be extra cute, cute, cute and funky tomorrow! Will be scouring the closet today...cute and funky, cute and funky. Will definitely wear my glasses!

You know what would be really nice? Having a casting assistant pick out my outfit for every audition!

Thank God my new MAC mineralize SPF 15 makeup came in yesterday. That stuff is AWESOME. (P.S. More affordable on eBay!)

Off to: workout, memorize script, pick out the perfect cute and funky outfit. :)

Oh--and rehearsals tonight for a scene-done-stage-style from JIMMY SAID that I'll be doing for CASA's Mass Focus on Saturday! If you're in Denver, you really should be attending MF on Saturday. Just sayin'! Check the link, you'll see why. Once a month--Mass Focus! Be there! If you're a screenwriter, we do cold reads of part of your script--actors, it's a great way to network!

See you Saturday!

goodjujuformyauditionplease! ;)


  1. You will knock their socks off!!!! Bright Blessings!!!

  2. Fingers and toes are now crossed.

  3. Sadly, no. :( That's okay..."moveon-dot-org" as my mom says!