28 March, 2010

Just a quick update before bed...

I really need to stay on top of this better. Uh, that's what she said?

Har... :)

Anyway! i <3 lac;) (I Heart Laci in text-ese) is now officially a SAG production!!! WOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Laci also has a comedy scriptwriter, and a marketing guru, and a dream cast and crew.

I met with Crystal Gardner today to go over her Marketing Plan--we could have stayed for hours chatting, but we only had two! We covered a lot in those two hours, though--and I can't WAIT to start implementing some of those plans!  We've already started our twitter account: @IHeartLaci (You can get to mine from there, too, if you're so inclined. ;)   )

The user pic will be changed soon.

Saturday we filmed "Annoying Habits" with the core cast--so much fun, and I think everyone will find it pretty dang funny! I'm trying to see if we can film another ep in two weeks. I'd like to have at least three episodes on the website for our launch party in May.

Yep--a real, live Launch Party!!!! More later--this is supposed to be quick, Christa!

Right now I'm trying to gather 6 actors, one photographer, and one make-up artist for a photo shoot sometime in April.


I'm about to pull my hair out. No joke.

Instead, I'm going to update my website, check my email, brush my teeth, wash my face, put on various magic potions and creams, and head to bed.

Ah, bed... :)



  1. What happened to staying on top of this better?

  2. Ha-ha! I just put "update blog" on my to-do list last night.

    Ugh--I need 30 hour days.

  3. ...or maybe just 8 days a week...Paul and John said it best...

  4. Ugh. I know... I guess I'm just a big fat liar, is what it boils down to! ;) Okay, not really. Just a scattered brain and life.