30 August, 2009

What's the buzz? Tell me what's a-happenin'!

WELL. Where do I even begin?

I did it. I landed a lead role in a feature film. We shoot in Punjab, India for two months...I leave in a month, at the end of September!

People keep asking how excited I am, if I'm jumping around all the time.

The answer is "no." Yes, I'm excited--of course I am! But I haven't honestly had a chance to sit and think about all of this! I am very aware that this begins a new stage in my life...but I think all the dreaming and wishing and trying and struggling has helped me through the years. It's happened, just as I always knew it would. Why should I be surprised?

This is all coming out wrong. I don't mean to say, "Well, naturally I got this part." I just mean that this success is something I've been dreaming about for 25 years. It seems right that it's happening now.

And maybe it hasn't happened yet because the universe knew I wasn't ready. Maybe I'm at a point in my life where I can handle this. Maybe my mind and heart are open to what the universe has for me...?

But this isn't a blog about spirituality, though that does come in to my acting. More on that...some other time!

What do I say? I figured when this ever happened, I would be jumping up and down and screaming and, as my parents have recently joked on Facebook, taken out an ad to announce it to the world! But I haven't. I've felt quite calm...I am the epitome of West Side Story's "Cool."

Here Be The Video!

...only without the ultra-cool Jerome Robbins choreography! Well, okay...when no one's looking. ;) I'm more A-rab at the end, "POW!"

(And now this song's stuck in your head. You're welcome!)

I'll get back to THE SIXTH RIVER, but first I want to talk about the project I just finished today. The past few weekends have been dedicated to a short film called THE HERE BETWEEN. It's based on a short story by Ambrose Bierce (An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge). I'd read it years ago, and the story always stuck with me. It's not one you forget...  The Twilight Zone made an episode about it, and I believe it was on Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Julian Iliev (pronounced eel-ee-en   ee-lee-ev),  kept the basic plot, but changed the storyline, if that makes any sense! I don't want to give anything away, or take away from the shock and drama of it, but it's a very powerful piece. I can honestly say this is the best film I've done to date.  I played one of the town tarts...it was wonderful to go from tootsie-wootsy-tipsy and partying to bam! This is real. This is happening...this isn't a fun party in the middle of town, after all.

Here's a few stills from last week's rehearsal. It wasn't on location, and hair and make-up aren't done. When I get more, I'll post them.

I don't know how long they're going to spend in post, or what their exact plans are (what festivals, etc), but I'll let you know!

THE HIGHWAYMAN is set to begin filming this coming weekend. I shoot Sunday, which is glorious! It's a three-day weekend, so I have Saturday and Monday off. In theory. "Off" is sort of a relative term these days, isn't it?

My time off now includes--on top of regular household chores, etc--finding my character, memorizing my script (which is in English and Punjabi), learning more about Punjab and the Sikh culture, learning beginning Punjabi, lose a few pounds, tone up, get my visa, vaccinations, and malaria pills (it's like I'm going to Kenya all over again!)...and somewhere in there "get plenty of rest, relax often, remain stress-free," as the director and her husband have advised me. :)

I'll be putting WILD GEESE, my short film, on the back burner for a bit. I can't say I'm super-upset about it, because I'm putting it aside to be THE LEAD IN A FILM SHOOTING IN INDIA!!!! Not so bad a trade-off. I do have good news about my short film, though. A production company has expressed interest in it. I wrote my first treatment--I'm too tired to explain what that is, so here--and they've offered to executive produce. Yay!!! They have access to Irish Film Commission funding, so let's hope that works out. (What I really hope works out, though, is securing Cillian Murphy!!!)

Here's a bit about THE SIXTH RIVER:

The word "punjab" means five waters or rivers. Carrie is an American studying all the states of India for her book. When she comes to Punjab, she discovers the sixth river--which to her is its people, culture, and heritage. But in reality, these days it's more alcohol and drugs. She meets up with an old college friend and through him meets Dev. I don't want to say too much about it...and I am under contract to not speak about certain details! So I will continue to say, "And then a bunch of other stuff happens."

This isn't a Bollywood film, where people break into song and dance...though I would love that!!! There are songs, but more featured in the background. (See Rang de Basanti for an example)  Gulshan Grover will be in it--he's a pretty big star over there, as you can see by his resume. Over 300 films!!! They just signed a popular sufi singer as Dev, Lakhwinder Wadali.

Here's his video for "Jaan."

His website is www.lakhwinderwadali.com, but it's currently down. His first movie is coming out soon, and that album (his!) was just released today, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it.

I've heard a few of the songs for THE SIXTH RIVER, and I love them. One is done by the Wadali Brothers (who I think is Lakhwinder's father and uncle), and it's amazing.  When I first heard it I thought it was a prayer. Beautiful. It looks like I'll be able to sing in one of them, so I'm excited!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm exhausted. I know this probably doesn't answer all your questions, but it's a start, right?

Everything changes now.

Don't think I'm not thrilled about that!


  1. Guess what my aunt Juli found?!

  2. I also forgot to tell you that I will be the very FIRST American actress in a Punjabi film. :)

    And how do I change this "admin" picture? I want something more fun!

  3. I'm so excited for you!!! Wow!!! So, please let us know where and when to see it when the time comes (as if you won't)!! Be careful over in India! What a life-changing experience! Have I put enough exclamation points???!!?? :)

  4. Thank you, Christy!!! But no, I don't think there's enough exclamation points. I'm disappointed.


  5. Your first big step in a long line of success...

  6. When's the next blog update? When you going to India?

  7. Next blog...soon! I meant to do it over the long weekend, but didn't find the time. :) I leave for India on the 29th--just a few short weeks! So much to do before then...I promise to blog soon. Tonight?