04 August, 2009

Room For Life

Dia dhuit!

Quite a bit has happened in the past couple of weeks--pretty exciting! I had two film auditions last week, and was asked to do a table read for two scripts. We had "rehearsals" last week, and this week we're reading in front of an audience.

This is more for the writers. They finish a draft and want to hear it read out loud by someone other than themselves! So there are a handful of us doing it. There really wasn't a part for me, so I'm the "narrator," which basically means I read all the action, narration, camera shots, etc. I didn't think I'd be reading much, but I read the ENTIRE TIME! I love it. :)

Yesterday's was what I call a Greenpeace meets Mission Impossible script, and tonight is a comedy action-type script with vampires and demons. Very cool. And funny as heck!

I have to go in to the agency tomorrow to get pictures taken of my hands! They're submitting me for hand modeling. Woo-hoo! I'll be like George Costanza and wear gloves all over the place now. :)

I've submitted myself for a web series, and a female lead for a film being shot in India next month. (Oh, I would LOVE that!)  I try to keep my eyes and ears open for gigs--let me know if you hear of anything!

OH! Gary is trying to win a contest--he'll use the money to make a kick-ass film. And, naturally, I'd be in it! So--could you vote for him?!


The good thing is, it's pretty darn funny.

I'm still plodding forward on my shorts. :) I've decided to concentrate on the Irish one first, since that will take more time and resources. You'd think I'd want to start off with an easier one, right? But this one is talking to me, and I have to get it out. It'll be in Irish, and it's a little controversial...but I'll write it in such a way that lets the audience decided for themselves which is which. Doesn't make any sense, what I just said, but I'm not divulging the story for others to steal!

I'd originally thought of this as a feature--actually, all the shorts I'm thinking of started that way. :) But in the role of Boy had to be Cillian Murphy.  Of course. Roll your eyes all you want, but once you know the story, you'll agree! There's no one else for this role.  It's going to be a very quiet film, not a whole lot of dialogue. The roles are Boy, Girl, Baby, and Man.  And in the 17th century. (Don't ask me how I plan on filming this! It will get done! It is written, and so it is!)

I talked to my agent about trying to get Mr. Murphy, and he gave me some really good ideas. I think the story is such that it will attract his "people" enough to get it to him, and if I have a letter of intent, I can get funding.

Am I holding my breath?

No...I'd like to live several more decades, thanks. But--you know me. Try and get the best. Shoot for the moon, right? If I miss, I'm still among the stars!

I'm excited about this one for so many reasons--one of which is it can be turned into a feature if it does well. It can continue where the story left off, or there can be a prequel. I'm doing so much studying these days. Even though their background won't come up (or only a bit) in the short, I have to know where they came from, how they got where they are, etc. I have to know who their grandfather was, why their father died, etc. I imagine some people don't write that way, but it really helps me.

I've temporarily titled it Wild Geese, for not only the Boy and Girl, but also because of what happens in Ireland's history at that time. I hope I haven't said too much. If people steal my things, I can show proof that I did it sooner!!! Don't make me come over there and sue you!

I've started learning Irish, more seriously this time. I go on vacation in a couple days...the travel will be perfect to go through some lessons!

Slán go fóill!

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  1. I'm going to call you George if you get the hand modeling job - or better yet, Georgina - the way Nancy Drew's best friend was misnamed so often - whoa! Can't believe I remember that!

    Hey, J.K. Rowling wrote tons of backstory for each character even though it was never published - it helps to shape a character. So, you're in good company!

    ádh mór ort!