12 August, 2009

Jai Ho!

Have a callback tomorrow for a SAG feature film. Casting is being done in LA, but they're filming here in Denver, which is nice. I think it's a "Dude, Where's My Car" kind of a movie. Not exactly my type, but whatever! Hopefully you'll see me as the nurse! One line--woo-hoo! ;)

I'm also super-crazy-excited about a film shooting in India. I don't know how many people they're looking at for the lead, but I'm one of them.  I wish I could put sound clips on my blog--you'd be forced to hear my excitement!!!

It's from an Indian-American production company (NN Films)...I'd be filming for about a month...they pay all expenses, plus a very small salary. A month in India? Doing what I love? Yes, please!

Plus, I can shop for saris and linens and all the gorgeous woodwork and stuff! Yay!

Oh--there's a small chance I might be going to Sundance this year with some friends. :) Our friend's sister (both Indian-American, coincidentally) will hopefully have her film accepted--we're almost positive it will! And then we can support her film...schmooze on the slopes...grab some SWAG...sip cocoa...and pass out my business cards to EVERYONE!!! Please visit her site when you get a chance: Mridu Chandra

At this moment, I am happy. :) Except for this pounding headache that keeps reappearing, but I'll just sing it away! Tra-la!!! Tra-la!


  1. I found out a bit more:

    They've signed Gulshan Grover and Neena Gupta for the film. "For a low
    budget film like ours its a big deal.We are going to sign a leading Punjabi
    sufi singer tomorrow."

    Check out the actors on IMDb--*very* impressive list of credits!

  2. Hi,
    christa cannon how r u?
    u know who i m?
    i m sameer from mumbai.