11 December, 2010

Fests, Readings, and Geese

Howdy, howdy!

It's been a bit since I actually gave you guys an update, so that's what I'm doing!

The past couple of months have been ca-razy! I was able to attend several events at the Denver Film Fest, including red carpets, after-parties, late-night lounge festivities, premieres, and filmings.

The opening night film was RABBIT HOLE, and both John Cameron Mitchell

[caption id="attachment_332" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="JCM, Britta Erickson (Denver Film Fest), Aaron Eckhart"][/caption]

(the director) and Aaron Eckhart were there. (Most of these photos were taken

by my friend Tobias, by the way--great shots, huh? Much better than my camera phone!) Aaron Eckhart accepted a Best Actor award before the show, so that was pretty awesome to watch. :)

[caption id="attachment_333" align="alignright" width="300" caption="John Cameron Mitchell!"][/caption]

I've been a fan of JCM since he was on Broadway as Dickon in The Secret Garden. I just love his voice! Oddly enough, he's one gay guy I did not have a crush on.

Here he is singing one of my favourite songs, "Wicked Little Town," from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was an off-Broadway musical he created and then brought it to the screen. (Sidenote: I dragged my husband to see this when we were dating, and he sat calmly through the entire show. He must've really liked me, because Hedwig is SO not his cup o' tea!)

ANYWAY! I met a great Aussie (based in London) who was invited to show his short at the fest. (That's how good it is!) More on him later! We hung out all night at the after-party, had a great time, and all exchanged contact info so we could meet up again during the fest.

[caption id="attachment_335" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Britaney, Me, and Tom!"][/caption]

Uh, I also had managed to get myself a flat tire that night, so Brit, Tobias, and Wesley graciously helped me change it at 2 in the morning. Red carpets and flat tires--my life in a nutshell!

[caption id="attachment_330" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="How many artsy-fartsy types does it take to change a tire? Answer: Just one, if you've got Brit! And check out those gams of hers, too!"][/caption]

A couple nights later, 127 Hours premiered, and Aron Ralston himself introduced the film. Danny Boyle was also supposed to be there at that time, but his flight was delayed. (They also ended up losing his luggage, but that's another story!) I loved this film--it's a must-see for me. But I love Danny Boyle, so maybe I'm biased. :)

[caption id="attachment_337" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Tom and I at the entrance to Jet club--we got caught by the "paparazzi." I totally wasn't ready for it, and forgot to take off my jacket! Found this pic at Denver mag's website! "][/caption]

The next day, I went to the Afternoon with Danny Boyle, where he received the Governor's Award and had a Q&A session. I then got a chance to chat with him...I dragged Tom with me, since Tom had done visual effects on Danny's film, Sunshine (starring my celebrity crush). I figured I'd have a better chance to talk with him if Tom was also there. So they chatted a bit about Sunshine, and Tom's film. Danny Boyle asked about it and Tom gave him a copy of the film and he seemed genuinely interested in it. I also gave him my business card (I'm sure it ended up in a trash can or stuffed in the bottom of a suitcase, but I had to try!) and grabbed a picture! The lighting is terrible...gives me lots of extra wrinkles and blobs on my face:

[caption id="attachment_336" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="That's me with Danny Freaking Boyle!!!!!!!! He looks thrilled, doesn't he? Poor guy."][/caption]

And while we're on the subject...Tom's film!!! Amazing. Sometimes the Moon is Velvet is the type of film I've always wanted to be a part of. It's visually stunning, has a great story, great actors...what more do you need, really? I am the proud owner of a copy of his film, but I've only had the chance to show it off to my parents so far. :)It was definitely one of the favourite shorts at the Denver Fest. (The gown was made by the same people who did costuming for Atonement. Yes--the gal who made The Green Dress made Tom's dress, too!)

Then the last night of the fest was Black Swan...we went to the closing party, and then to my favourite place in Denver, The Cruise Room...a little martini bar that opened up the day after Prohibition was repealed...and kept the same decor!

[caption id="attachment_328" align="alignleft" width="216" caption="I may have sneaked onto the Red Carpet before 127 Hours...or I may not have. "][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_331" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Cruisers: Britaney, Tom, Deb, Me, Tobias"][/caption]

All in all, it was a TON o' fun! I paid for all those late nights, though...came down with a cold for the first time in years. :( Good thing I'm not a heavy drinker--it would've been a lot worse!


Before Tom left to head back to England, I asked him if he'd be willing to read my treatment for the short film (WILD GEESE)  I'd started writing last year. I also asked if he'd be willing to direct, if he liked the story. He said he'd be "keen" to read it...and after reading it, said he'd also like to direct! I was so nervous--the elements that originally led me to writing this I started to second-guess, but he said to definitely keep those in. He also thinks it'll be easy to get funding, which would be marvelous. I'm busy writing the first draft...and hope to have gthe second draft almost complete by the end of this year. I only have a few more weeks, though...so I may not get the second draft finished.

My biggest goal is to have my favourite actor attached, and to film near Galway next summer. I was always going to try to get that actor, but now I have a way in (I'll explain more in several months. Keeping my cards close for now.) ...so it's a bit more of a reality and a bit less of a fantasy now! Send good juju! If we get him attached, we'd definitely be able to get funding--and possibly more than we'd get without him.

I'd also like to get Joseph Mawle, who was in Tom's short. He'd be great for the other male character. There's only 2 guys, a girl, and a baby. Small cast. :)

I'll admit I'm a little scared! This is all totally outside of my level of comfort...but that's the only way we learn and grow, right? And it's also the best way for me to work and to get seen. I don't plan on making any money on it--that's virtually impossible with shorts. It's a story I originally conceived a few years ago, and finally decided I'd make it. It can have a prequel or sequel as a feature, if anyone's interested enough, but that's not my goal right now.

I'm doing it to actually tell the story, to get myself started doing stuff like this, to show what I can do, to open doors elsewhere.

It's set in 1691 Ireland, near Galway. And that's all I'll say for now! Except that this is very similar to the cottage I picture in my head:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="785" caption="Rain Clouds, Ireland, 1999 by George McLachlan www.georgemclachlan.ca"][/caption]

Coincidentally (or not), this cottage is near Clarinbridge,  just east of Galway. Who knows? Maybe this is where I'll film! I actually came across George's site looking for a background to use for my family blog/website. George had painted the Old Castle Lachlan, on the ancestral lands of my husband's family. I started looking at his other (gorgeous) work, and came across this!


I was recently chosen to participate in a reading of a new musical being written. It's called "3/22/72," about the day women were equal, pot was practically legal, and contraceptives could be sold to singles. I played Gabi, an underground punk musician who idolizes Jayne County, and Firefly, a far-out-there hippie chick. It was pretty darn cool getting to take a peek at a work-in-progress. It was also pretty darn cool getting to play characters I don't usually do, and I loved it! I got some good feedback on it so was pretty proud of myself, too. :)


Right-i-o...I think this is more than long enough. Sorry!

Till next time...


  1. Good for you not being a heavy drinker! Me and Liao know what that's like in Denver! ;)

  2. Ha-ha!!! Ohhh--I could totally drink you under the table if I wanted! But when we're both at sea level, I'm afraid you win.

    But you know me--I'm just not much of a drinker...the occasional glass of wine, beer, champagne...but my body never lets me go past a certain point--thus, saving me from embarrassing moments! That'll come in handy when the paparazzi are documenting my every move, eh? Tee-hee!

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