27 October, 2009

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

24th October, 2009

Hallo, again!

I was able to pop online yesterday, but I hadn't really had time to write anything until now.

Diwali was wonderful—so much fun! First I went to a gurdwara, then we came back to the hotel for a Hindu ceremony, which was so neat to participate in. Then I went driving around Ludhiana city with Lakhwinder to watch the fireworks and people. There's some pictures on Facebook already.

We've been busy filming wedding and sangate scenes for the past week. A sangate is kind of like a bachelorette party, but with all family and friends. This is where we're having the big song and dance number, and we're filming at night...so we've been filming till 3 or 4 in the morning. We were supposed to finish up yesterday (uh, this morning), going till 6 or 7, but we had major camera issues that couldn't be fixed, so we got to pack up a little after three. We're having a new camera sent from Bombay today.

This is good news for me! I'll take any delay I can get. We're supposed to finish filming around the 3rd of 4th, but Andy doesn't get here till the 7th. The day after we wrap, we're all planning on heading into Amritsar, and I'd like Andy to join us for that (though we can also go again separately).

Neena Gupta and Gulshan Grover have already finished their filming, so once the dance sequence is over, we'll be concentrating on the big scenes between me and Dev (Lakhwinder). I need to lose a few pounds first!!! Ugh.

Yeah, I've gained a couple pounds, for sure. It's so easy to do. It's not like I'm eating all the time or anything, but the food is just sooooo delicious. And a lot of it is carbs. It's my own fault for eating so many carbs, but I can't pass up the roti...tsk, tsk. I've only been to the hotel gym once since we've been here—I never know what the schedule is, and I have to make sure my hair gets done before we leave for location...with all the late eating times (something else contributing to the weight gain, I suspect), it's hard to go to the gym in between meals and naps.

Yes, naps. Everyone knows I loves me a good nap! But I'm not the only one—we artists are kings and queens of naps! We have to! Especially on days like today, though I don't have time for a nap before we leave. You get in after 4 AM, in bed by 5, interrupted sleep for 4 hours before you begin the day.

We're supposed to be on set by 5 this evening, and hopefully we'll be able to go till 6 or 7 AM. But like I said, any delay is good for me. ;)

Haven't been able to sleep well these past few days, as I have one of the dancers rooming with me until these scenes are over.

We're in the papers a lot here, but I can't understand what's being said! ;) I'm also finding myself holed up in our dressing room more and more. When I go out, people want pictures and pictures and more pictures. Which is great, and I'm happy to oblige, but sometimes I just want to walk around and see what's happenin'... ya know? But fans decide my fate, they're what keep me going. So of course I'm going to take pics and give autographs. (Can you imagine if I were actually famous?! Wow.)

I'm getting used to being an Indian girl. I don't let the guys touch me. Last night, a couple guys kept squeezing in on me—not touching with their hands, but getting in really close—and I kept scooting forward. And then someone did try to put his arm around me, so I had to step forward. Navneet and Manpreet were very proud of me! I'm learning! This particular guy had alcohol on his breath, anyway, so there was no way I was going to let any familiarities happen. Things are very different over here. They will try to grab and see what they can get away with...and gorian have a reputation of being easy. That's just what the perception is of white girls—they'll hop into bed with anyone. So me being my normal friendly self only perpetuates that misconception, even though to me, an arm around the shoulder means nothing. To them, it does mean something.

I think this is mainly for northerners, as things are more acceptable down south. That's the general impression I'm getting, anyway.

I did get scolded by Manpreet—yet again—on Diwali. When Lakhwinder and I got back, we met up with some of the cast and crew. Those who were not Sikhs had been drinking, which wasn't a big deal to me...and they gave me hugs, which also wasn't a big deal to me. Hugs are normal amongst friends. But Manpreet insists all they were trying to do was feel whatever they could! Ehhh...maybe, maybe not. I didn't notice anything.

The dance scenes have me nervous, but it's been okay so far! My theatrical background has been coming out, though, with a wide open smiling mouth...so I have to be aware of that--”not graceful,” Ish says. ;) The first night I was terrified and nervous and unsure, so I really had to loosen up—where's a glass of wine when you need one?

Last night was great...I felt comfortable and had fun, and that's what it's all about. Well, that and putting your right hand in and out and shaking it all about.

Ack—have to get down to the vans in 10 minutes. Maybe for once we'll be on time! Tee-hee. First, Indian time is very different—I've found I have to add half an hour or so to whatever is told me...and then, there may be one or two divas amongst the cast, though I will neither confirm nor deny that. ;)

25th October, 2009

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. We got to location a little after 5, and left after 6.30 this morning. Got a lot done! Our van stopped for breakfast on the side of the road, so I was in bed and asleep by 8.30 (location's about an hour away). Call for lunch at one, and I've had my shower and am doing my hair. We were supposed to be leaving for location at 2 PM, but I don't think that's happening, since it's 2 now...and I think most people are still in bed.

My shots didn't come until after 3.30 this morning, so I had a lot of waiting around to do. Took a small nap around 2.30.

Ummm...28th October? I'm not positive! And I think it's Wednesday!

So I did end up going onto set relatively on time.

This is going to be very stream-of-conscious, as I now can't remember what happened when!

So let's see...Thursday night I was up late writing emails, when things got a bit dizzy. I wasn't sure if it was me and my lack of sleep or if maybe something else was going on. And then it happened again...and I knew I wasn't crazy! I wondered if we'd had an earthquake. And sure enough...two days later I read in the paper that there was a 6.1 earthquake near Kashmir, and we got the tremors.

My very first! I lived in California for over 3 years and never felt anything! So now...I've done tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards. I think I'm satisfied with that. No need for typhoons or anything else. ;)

Elephant spottings are the coolest thing to me...but I'm always in the car. And yesterday we passed by SHEEPIES!!! It was near the house where we're filming, so Manpreet accompanied me to take pics. They had already disappeared...I was more than a little disappointed. Pooh.

Looong hours, late nights...but this afternoon I have off! I'm not filming till the evening, and since it's not being filmed at the house, I don't need to be there in the morning! (The house is 45 minutes away, so no matter what time you're shooting, you have to go with everyone else. I've been able to grab a few naps that way.)

We're starting to get into out serious scenes, now that the stars have left us. Gulshan Grover was wonderful to watch. He was able to silence everyone and still come across as a nice guy. Very professional. I hope to be like that one day, too. But right now, I'm not brave enough. It'll come with time.

Neena Gupta was a pleasure, as well. And Deep (whose last name I've forgotten) was a ton of fun! His parents named him correctly—he has such a pleasing, deep bass voice. :)

Just found out I've become very popular here in Punjab. Wow!!! I don't know what to think about that!

Turns out Andy can get here sooner than the 7th, so I'm excited about that! Yay! Everyone can meet him, and he'll be able to spend some time on the set. And I shall have him be my sport dada—my assistant. But don't tell him that. ;)

Okay, I am exhausted. I crawled out of bed at noon today...that sounds like I slept a lot, but I went to bed late and was up for most of the goings-on between 6 and 7.30 while everyone left for their shoot.

Okay, think I'll grab lunch...nummy, nummy!

Oh, and maybe I haven't gained much weight, after all! Either that, or I already lost it. ;)


  1. You have no spare weight to lose!

  2. I'll second that. But whatever YOU're having, I'll have some, too! It's fun catching up with you, but we don't hear from you often enough. I plan to call Andy before he leaves to see how he's feeling now. Hope he makes it OK and doesn't have a relapse. I'm planning to move out to CO. permanently after Christmas, instead of Thanksgiving. Dad will still be traveling in December and I don't need to be there for that. So I'll see you then, I guess. Love you, Mom

  3. Wowza....you sound BUSY!!! Keep it up...! be safe!!!

  4. Sounds like you're having a ball. Keep the posts coming. I can't wait to see the film.

    - Erin

  5. Have fun with Andy when he gets in...Take care and write again when you can.

  6. I'm sorry it is coming to an end--it was afairtale come true! I'm soaking it in...